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Get 99% OFF The Following Products

If you are part of our Mailer you can use the discount coupon to get a 99% discount on the following products. 

Limited to 1 per customer. 

While Stock Lasts, first come first serve. In order to qualify for a free unit you must own a GoPro and plan to use the accessories (this is non negotiable) we may ask you to send us a photo you have taken with the camera, of your Camera, Serial number as well as ask any questions, to see if you own a corresponding camera.

This is to prevent people claiming the deal who have no cameras and do not plan on using the accessories.

If you can’t satisfy these terms, you do not qualify for a free unit.

If you choose to collect, you will need to collect in person, you may not collect on behalf of another person.

We have full rights to reject any order if it does not abide by the above rules.

This offer stands till the 14th of September 2018.

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