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Cell phone / Time Laps Combo


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Product Details

Perfect for getting some good time-lapse videos with your cell phone.

1. Cellphone Action Mount (R199): With Phone cameras getting better and better now you can use your Cellphone to take videos or pictures with ease! It's as simple as attaching your phone to the suction cups and pressing record. Mount it to your Chest or head or any adapter you have to get that perfect shot on your phone.

2. 60min time laps (R399): The GoMotion 60 min (1 Hour) is sure to make your next time laps way more interesting rather than your basic static shot.  This Time Lapse Rig is sure to take your footage to the next level, it offers a female 1/4 thread under the base so that you can mount the GoMotion Rig to a tripod, slider or whatever you choose. On the top side, there is a male 1/4″-20 stud to mount your camera (with a tripod adapter - sold separately).

3. Tripod Adaptor (R79): With this Xtreme Tripod you can attach your GoPro® to any standard camera screw.

*Thumbscrew and Cellphone- NOT INCLUDED* 


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Cell phone / Time Laps Combo

Cell phone / Time Laps Combo
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