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PolarPro® DiveMaster Filter Kit (HERO12, 11, 10 & HERO9 Protective Housing) (Available for Pre-Order)

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Introducing the PolarPro® DiveMaster Filter Kit, the ultimate accessory for your HERO12, 11, 10, and HERO9 Protective Housing. Designed specifically for underwater photography and videography, this filter kit is a must-have for any adventure enthusiast or professional diver.

With this filter kit, you can capture stunning, vibrant colors and enhance the clarity of your underwater footage. The kit includes three high-quality filters: a red filter for tropical blue water, a magenta filter for green water, and a snorkel filter for shallow water. Each filter is crafted with precision and features a durable, scratch-resistant coating to ensure long-lasting performance.

The DiveMaster Filter Kit is incredibly easy to use. Simply attach the filter to your HERO12, 11, 10, or HERO9 Protective Housing, and you're ready to dive into the depths. The filters are securely held in place, allowing you to focus on capturing breathtaking moments without worrying about them coming loose.

Not only does this filter kit enhance the visual appeal of your underwater footage, but it also protects your camera from scratches, dust, and water damage. The HERO11, 10, and HERO9 Protective Housing provide a robust shield, ensuring your camera stays safe and secure during your underwater adventures.

Pre-order your PolarPro® DiveMaster Filter Kit today and take your underwater photography and videography to the next level. Don't miss out on the opportunity to capture stunning, vibrant footage that will leave your audience in awe. Dive in and explore the wonders of the underwater world with confidence and style.