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Product Details

● Smartphone screen underwater touch function depth within 131ft. / 40m
● Smartphone underwater photography when scuba diving and freediving.
● Passed the 656ft/2h waterproof ingress test (IPX8) 
● Fixed pad: Secure your smartphone in a waterproof pack to prevent camera shake, clear photography
● Red filter: Camera colour correction function when shooting underwater with slide type
● Neck strap: TPU material does not absorb water, providing comfortable fit
● Use of all models under 6.5 inches of smartphones.

How to use
1. Let stand so that the front of the ampoule is visible.
2. Open the cover of the ampoule.
3. Remove the smartphone positioning pad from the waterproof pack and secure the smartphone.
4. Open the opening and push the smartphone-fixed pad fully into the waterproof pack.
Push the bottom of the pad in so that the waterproof pack is located at the lower end. 5. Roll out the opening in a scroll style and fasten it tightly to the shape of the yellow Velcro, followed by the white of the cover.
Please fasten the Velcro on the shape of the way it looks. 6. Place the red filter in the back pocket and place it on the camera lens at depth.

● Be sure to test the water before using the waterproof pack.
● Take extra care when using underwater with sharp objects.
Due to the collision, the holes are not easily visible and must be waterproof tested for each use.
● After using the waterproof pack, remove moisture or dust completely, close the opening and store it to avoid direct sunlight.
● It is recommended that the inside is not moistened.
● Avoid direct sunlight and avoid touching with contaminated hands.

● Certified waterproof grade: IPX8
● Underwater waterproof ability: 656ft / 2 hours
● Underwater touch screen: 40m
● Material: TPU

*No phone or other accessories in the sale*

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