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H20 Combo Deal for GoPro Hero 4 / 3+ / 3 - Default

H20 Combo Deal for GoPro Hero 4 / 3+ / 3

SKU: H20 Combo

Regular price R499.00 R299.00 |  You Save R200.00 (40%off)

Product Details

1 x Xtreme Float Grip

The Xtreme Float Grip is designed to be a handgrip that keeps your camera afloat. The bright yellow colour makes the camera and grips easy to see in the water, while the adjustable wrist strap helps secure the mount to the user *

1 x Xtreme Stick-On Floaty Back Door

The Xtreme Backdoor Float keeps your GoPro® afloat in water, whether this is at the beach in a river or even in a swimming pool. This is an essential piece of safety equipment for your camera *

1 x Xtreme Red Correction Lens Filter 3+/4

The Xtreme Red Correction Lens Filter 3+ provides colour correction while capturing underwater footage at depths of 4.5m to 21.3m

  • Allows a broader light spectrum to reach the camera sensor for more vibrantly coloured footage
  • Presses into place for quick, tool-free installation
  • For use with the Standard Housing 3+/4 (1.563" L x 1.500" H)
  • Colour: Red/Transparent

If you don't have a Hero3+ you can choose to swap the Xtreme Red Correction Lens Filter 3+with any other Xtreme products up to the value of R170, no discounts will be given for amounts under R170.

1 x Xtreme Anti-Fog Inserts

Prevent your camera and housing from fogging up by inserting the Xtreme Anti-Fog Inserts.

Comes complete in 2 packs of 6 Anti-Fog Inserts.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Made to be used with GoPro® Hero [2,3,3+ or 4] camera.

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H20 Combo Deal for GoPro Hero 4 / 3+ / 3

H20 Combo Deal for GoPro Hero 4 / 3+ / 3
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