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The Ultimate Survival Kit: What You Need to Survive an Apocalypse (Even the zombie type)

The Ultimate Survival Kit: What You Need to Survive an Apocalypse (Even the zombie type)

A survival kit is a collection of basic items essential for survival in many emergency situations. Survival kits often contain a knife (or a multi-tool), matches, a flint, a compass, and food, water, and a space blanket. Even though most people have a kit of some sort in their car or at home, it should be that a consistent kit that covers all the basics for prepping should be easy to find. It should have everything you need in case of a storm, natural disaster, or an accident in the wild.

We have put together what should be in your essential survival kit for most situations, even if those pesky zombies come.

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Freshwater is a must. As humans, we can’t survive without it. The chances are that bottled water or running water will be hard to come by, so you need to make do with natural resources when possible.

You should aim for a minimum of one Litre of water per person per day. Divide your water stock among many completely different containers like a military canteen, which may even be used to boil water, a tough plastic bottle, and a foldable bottle that shrinks right down to save area once empty.

Other things that may come in handy are Potable aquamarine bactericidal Water Purification Tablets or transportable water filtration devices like LifeStraw Personal filter which may filter roughly 4000 litres

Life Straw Xtreme Xccessories


At the core, you’re capable of surviving a few weeks without food. You’ll be hungry and grumpy, but you won’t die. That said, anything you do eat should be valued.

Here, it's beneficial to think like someone who does extreme exploration like arctic explorers: Nutrient-dense foods that are portable and packable.

Nuts, canned beans, and dehydrated camp meals are all solid options.

Sugar-rich sweets and energy bars are great supplements if you are in need.

Many companies sell nutrient-rich meal replacement powders that mix into cold water, eliminating the need for cooking. As an example, one cup of Huel Powder provides an entire day’s calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates, plus more vitamins and minerals than you’d find in over-the-counter multivitamins.

You can also pack meal replacement protein bars to help fuel yourself.

If you’re okay with forgoing taste in favour of an ultra-light pack, you can skip food prep tools altogether. If, however, you opt to bring anything that needs preparing, you’ll need to plan for cooking it. At least, your mess kit should include a small metal pot, a lightweight spork, and a metal cup with collapsible handles. All the pieces of your kit should nest inside one another to maximize packability.

 Lastly, you’ll want a lightweight stove — the ultra-portable MSR PocketRocket 2 is a great choice — plus a couple of fuel canisters. Plan on relying on making and cooking over a fire whenever necessary, but having a camp stove is a wise backup.

Meal Ration Supplies


Most obviously, you need the pack itself. It should be an actual backpack, although the exact model you choose is a matter of personal preference. The bag should be durable, water-resistant (ideally waterproof), and as lightweight as possible. You should also be comfortable carrying it fully-loaded for several hours over uneven terrain.

It’s worth noting that you’ll want to fly as under the radar as possible. Stealth is the name of the game here. You want a backpack that looks as low-key as possible — nothing flashy or ornate. Think drab, functional, and military-issue. It should be capable of carrying everything you need to without looking like you’re stocked to the gills. Sociologists and preparedness experts agree the first 72 hours after a disaster are critical. If widespread power outages and food and water shortages last beyond three days, society can start to break down very quickly. You don’t want to become a target for the roving hordes of Mad Max-style bandits looking for guns, booze, and snacks.

The Ultimate Survival Kit: What You Need to Survive an Apocalypse (Even the zombie type)


In a true survival scenario, the tools you carry will be as important as your survival skills. A multi-tool is essential. Leatherman offers an extensive line of well-built products that, at the least, usually include pliers, screwdrivers, a folding knife blade, and wire cutters. This limited toolset should provide everything you need to tackle even complex mechanical tasks no matter where you are.

Multi Tool Xtreme Xccessories

Another great tool is a fixed-blade survival knife. The exact model comes down to personal preference, but a length of 8-10 inches is versatile enough for splitting wood, chopping, cooking, and a host of other tasks. As a bonus, it comes in handy as a weapon if you need it.


Flashlight Xtreme Xccessories

A proper fire will provide most of the light you’ll need in a survival situation. However, it’s wise to pack several backup lighting sources. In addition to lighters and waterproof matches, a handful of small, nine-hour candles is a smart choice. Glow sticks, a proper headlamp, and tiny LED flashlights or keychain lights are also ultra-portable and guarantee focused task lighting when you need it.

First Aid Kit

It’s cheap and easy to prepare your own portable first aid kit, and most folks already have the supplies to do so in their home medicine cabinet. Yet, pre-packaged first aid kits often include better quality, sometimes hospital-grade equipment.

Adventure Medical Kits offers several great options for around R100-500. At the very least, be sure to pack adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes, butterfly closure bandages, gauze dressing, and rubbing alcohol. Standard household painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications, and any personal prescriptions are essential as well. It might be helpful to brush up on your wilderness first aid, too.

 First Aid Kit Xtreme Xccessories


A good pair of steel-toe boots are a must. We love Wolverine because the brand always delivers high-quality work boots at prices that don’t break the bank.

Wolverine Boots Xtreme Xccessories

Hand Protection

Sometimes you will have to punch a zombie in the face, and you want to make sure you are well protected.

Aim for high-quality gloves with hard-shell plates. This will protect your hands without affecting dexterity.

Tactical Gloves Xtreme Xccessories


Fire is among the most essential requirements in any survival situation which is why you should plan for at least three different ways to make it. Fortunately, with some advanced planning, you’re all but guaranteed to always have a fire-making kit on hand when you need it.

Pack fire steel (capable of sparking in all weather conditions), several lighters, waterproof matches, and a bit of tinder. For the latter, a handful of cotton balls doused in Vaseline work great, as does dryer lint. Both pack down small and allow you to start a fire almost instantly.

Most importantly, however, an emergency scenario is not the place to learn how to build a fire. Practice with your own kit at home — in your backyard if you have to — until you feel comfortable starting a fire, even in the rain.

Xtreme Xccessories


Zombies are drawn to sound, which makes guns a last resort when being attacked. Anyone that watches The Walking Dead knows just how badass a crossbow can be in a post-apocalyptic world – thanks to Darryl Dixon of course.

 More important, in the absolute worst case, this could be the survival tool that allows you to eat. Having hunting equipment available for when you need it could be the difference between starving and survival.

tactical cross bow Xtreme Xccessories


Having a lightweight axe available will come in handy in those situations where you need to chop up firewood or make a shelter.

 Pick your hatchet based on weight and function. You need to keep this in mind in case you will be traveling between safe points.

Hatchet Xtreme Xccessories


This could be an alternative to having a machete, you could use this to clear brush, split wood, create shelters, etc.

 As an all-rounder, this would fall into our essentials list.

Machete Xtreme Xccessories



While most tech might go down, Satellites will still be available. Navigating in times like that will be crucial.

GPS Module Xtreme Xccessories


It might seem obvious, but remember to pack your cell phone. Cell towers are likely to work — at least for sending text messages, if not for making calls — in all but the worst disaster situations. Be sure to pack two ways to charge it, plus a backup battery and solar or hand-cranked charger.

 -Solar Charger

Even better, pack a hand-crank emergency radio as most of these include a flashlight and built-in battery for charging your gadgets.

Solar Charger Xtreme Xccessories

Optical Binocular

Having high-quality binoculars might not help you look into the future, but they will definitely help you see what’s coming or in those times where you need to scout and plan your route.

Binoculars Xtreme Xccessories


Whether you’re sleeping in an abandoned house or a cave in the woods, you will need a good sleeping bag.

 Sleeping bag Xtreme Xccessories

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