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12 reasons why the GDome PDS is the worlds best Underwater Dome Port for GoPro Cameras

12 reasons why the GDome PDS is the worlds best Underwater Dome Port for GoPro Cameras

1) Quality

The GDome and all of its major components are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. The GDome is made out of the highest quality materials and components. South Africa is world renowned for its engineering, tool making, plastic injection moulding and product design. The GDome Dome Port has been designed by South Africa’s best engineers to be used by the world’s best content creators.  World renowned adventure / action sports videographer, Chris Rogers, played a pivotal role in the design, development and production of the GDome. He ensured that the GDome Dome Port has been made to take punishment, whether it is the biggest whole line wave breakers or free diving to depths of 133+ feet, the GDome had to be able to take it and not damage your camera in any way! 



We do not mass produce domes; each one is hand made, individually checked and pressure tested (twice) before it leaves the factory.


2) Materials 

GDome has spent years refining its parts. We decided to go with a glass filled polymer for our backplates, as they needed to be unbelievably strong with a bit of flex for pressure. We have seen a number of companies use ABS for backplates, which simply shatters under pressure. Our dome lens is made from a secret compound, which is heat treated to ensure absolute optical clarity and strength. Many companies use untreated acrylic, which does not handle pressure, surface scratches or impact well at all. Our dome lenses are basically indestructible as I’m sure you would have seen in this video



YES, they are basically bullet proof!

While our domes can be scratched, they are unbelievably easy to buff, meaning all light surface scratches on the GDome Lens can be removed in a few seconds using a polishing machine and some medium cutting paste. Get yourself a neoprene cover and you should be covered - pun intended. All of the bolts and nuts used on the GDome are made from 318 Stainless Steel. They will be able to handle saltwater without corrosion as long as you give your housing a freshwater bath after use.

3) GDome Customer Service and Support 

This is the biggest stand out feature of GDome. GDome is made up by a small yet passionate team, consisting of just eight people. We believe in our product and will support each and every one of our customers, thus guaranteeing that our Dome Housings will not leak. We offer live chat via Facebook, are always available on email and are more than willing to have one on one WhatsApp calls / video chats if you want any advise or have any issues with your GDome gear. If there is a manufacturer fault with your product, we will replace it straight away. As we are a small passionate company, the director of GDome, Brett Eagle, has an open door policy and is always available to deal with clients directly. Our company focus is to make the best gear, at a great price, with the best customer service and experience.

4) Style 

While some may say that the GDome is not the most beautiful dome port on the market, we believe that it is the most functional dome out there. Our dome port requires no major tools to open up the dome, change seals (we actually use the same Allan key as surfboard FCS Plugs - meaning you can get them basically anywhere around the world). All our bolts, nuts and seals are available at most major hardware stores. We have chosen functionality over looks unfortunately (but we still think our dome ports look pretty dang good).

5) Perfect Dome Optics 

A common mistake we see are domes with the incorrect shape / bubble. Getting this correct is a science as well as an art. If it is too big, it will result in more reflection, incorrect underwater optical clarity (objects will appear larger underwater - the split line will not match up). It took us close to a year to find the correct shape, angles and size. Our dome port is 7 inches edge to edge; this is big enough to easily capture the perfect over-under | split shot and at the same time, it will fit in your backpack or travel case.

6) Removability

We have designed all of our dome ports to work with housings | lenses that can be removed from the backplate in a flash so that they can be used without our dome port.

7) Individual Pressure tests 

As we ship dome housing across the globe, we have to make sure that they are leak free! That is why we have invested thousands of dollars on water and pressure testing equipment. By testing each and every unit, we know that they will be able to go to the relevant camera | housing’s maximum depth.


8) Spares

When designing the GDome, we made sure to use ‘off the shelf’ parts for key components. This means that all bolts, nuts and orings should be available from your nearest local hardware store.


9) Modular Design

With the GDome’s modular design, you can easily upgrade your current system to a different | new GDome by simply upgrading the backplate - view our backplates here starting at $29.

12 reasons why the GDome PDS is the worlds best Underwater Dome Port for GoPro Cameras

10) Compatibility

The GDome will work with almost any grip, trigger system and pole as the backplate does not interfere with the GoPro fitting on the housing | naked frame.

11) Product liability cover 

When using our GDome (in warranty) we have partnered with MUA insurance to give you $10 000 limited product liability cover, meaning you are fully insured against manufacturing faults when using our product. Learn more.


12) Earn $$$ with GDome

Getting some awesome content with your GDome? Well, you better check out our Affiliate Program! Put up a link to our site on your Instagram, YouTube or Facebook, write a blog post, refer friends and earn hard cash for any referral sales you bring in.

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