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Why the V2.0 Xtreme Kite Line Mount is the world’s best Mount for kiteboarding.

Why the V2.0 Xtreme Kite Line Mount is the world’s best Mount for kiteboarding.

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The and all of its major components are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. Our Kite Line Mount is made out of the highest quality materials and components. South Africa is world renowned for its engineering, tool making, plastic injection moulding, and product design. Injection moulded from heat treated UV stable nylon, the Xtreme Kite Line Mount is extremely flexible, bendable and strong. Check out this torture test we did:




No snag points

has been designed with Freestyle kiteboarding in mind - Want you to send it huge! Without any concern that our mount is going to affect your performance. That is why we designed our mount without any snag points.

Xtreme Kite Line Mount V2.0 

Does not affect your kites safety mechanisms

When mounted in a four line kite, our mount will simply move up with the kite lines when the kite is released from the harness. On 5 line kites, the 5th Line is not attached to the mount at all allowing it to run freely again meaning that there is no interference or safety concerns when our mount is on your kite.


Line slide and lock technology 

When initially designing our mount we wanted the mount to clamp onto the lines and not be able to move. We realized that this could have a potential safety issue on certain kites with low line splits and could also potentially result in damage to the kite lines. After numerous prototypes we came up with the current design, that allows the mount to run up and down the lines under slight pressure, this allows you to adjust the position of the mount without having to remove the mount and refit. The mount will not slide up and down your lines as soon as it is seated at the correct |V| split in the lines, it will be locked in place.

Easy install and removal

Our is the only Mount in the world that uses heat treated UV stable nylon inserts to lock your kite lines in place, these cannot tear and wear like silicone inserts. Installation takes seconds, simply find the correct shape that correlates to your lines, put the center lines into the inserts, and push fit the inserts into the locking it in place. We have added removal tabs to help you remove the mount after use, these are especially helpful when your hands are wet.



Product liability cover 

When using the correctly, your camera is fully covered! We have been selling our Kite Mounts since 2015 we have never had an issue. We have made our Line Mount to Handel the most extreme conditions and situations - with its design we are confident that it cannot be broken during use. A truck driving over your mount is not normal use - but as you can see the is able to Handle it!

Superior Customer Service and Support

This is the biggest stand out feature of the . We are made up of a small yet passionate team, consisting of just eight people. We believe in our product and will support each and every one of our customers, thus guaranteeing that our Kite Line Mount will perform as promised. We offer live chat via Facebook, are always available on email and are more than willing to have one on one WhatsApp calls/video chats if you want any advise or have any issues with your gear. If there is a manufacturer fault with your product, we will replace it straight away. As we are a small passionate company, the director of GDome, Brett Eagle, has an open door policy and is always available to deal with clients directly. Our company focus is to make the best gear, at a great price, with the best customer service and experience.


Centrally balanced

We have specifically designed the to be Centrally Balanced, this means that the Cameras weight is in the dead center of the mount | camera lines. By having a centrally balanced Kite Mount your camera will not swing violently from side to side (making video footage unwatchable), rather your footage will be smooth and stable, especially with the new GoPro Hero 7 Black - if you choose a mount that is not perfectly balanced you might as well use it as a doorstop.


Fits almost all action cameras and accessories 

Our Kite Line Mount fits all GoPro Cameras including the GoPro Hero 1 | 2 | 3 | 3+ | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 Black | 7 Silver | 7 White | Hero | Hero + | Hero 2018 | Session 4 & 5 | GoPro Fusion. All Cameras with a similar shape to the GoPro, such as the Eken or Dazzen will be compatible with our mount. The main reason we moved to the curved shape of our kite mount was to facilitate the use of floaty backdoors while the camera is on the mount as well as to allow bullet shaped action cameras to fit on the . Our mount will also fit most 360 Cameras including the Insta360 Pro One X (in waterproof housing) and Richo Theta to name a few.


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